Bob Lesmeister

Bob Lesmeister, the Managing Editor of AMERICAN FIREARMS INDUSTRY and STOCKING FIREARMS DEALER magazines, is the designated recipient of the CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender of the Month Award for April. In nominating Lesmeister for the Award, John Michael Snyder, CCRKBA Public Affairs Director, said that “Bob, for a number of years, has been in the forefront of those defending in public the right of law-abiding American citizens to keep and bear arms. “He has written repeatedly against numerous attempts to undermine this precious right. Brilliant and articulate, he brings to the philosophical discussion of gun rights an understanding of firearms from the technical perspective. He is one of our greatest champions and is most deserving of this Award.” Hard-hitting in his prose and full of foresight in his analysis, Lesmeister wrote in AMERICAN FIREARMS INDUSTRY for November, 1993 that “one of the reasons the federal law enforcement authorities have not escalated their force on citizens as rapidly as they had hoped is found at the local law enforcement level. Town, city, county and state police forces are composed of people who live within the areas they serve. It is often hard, if not impossible, for the federal law enforcement authorities to get local law enforcement officers to do their dirty work. The FBI is especially known for exacting punishment on local officers who refuse to cooperate with them. In some cases they go so far as to set the local officers up in a phony scheme or just fabricate charges against them and then bombard the media with false information to convict the officers even before they go before a board or hearing… “Clinton’s dream of a national police corps could very well spell the end of the Bill of Rights. Local police agencies would be dependent on federal money and therefore would have to acquiesce to federal demands and directives… “In order for such a national police corps to be an effective oppressor, citizens first have to be disarmed… “The federal government’s anti-firearms agenda doesn’t start or stop with just the law enforcement community… “While gun owners are the most newsworthy intended victims of a national police corps, non mainstream religious groups would probably be the first victims of national police as they are the most vulnerable. Religions that weren’t one of the four or five recognized religious institutions would be labeled cults and as such denied the rights of the First Amendment and federal authorities would have a lot of help from ‘established’ religious leaders.” Bob entered the firearms industry as a staff reporter for AMERICAN FIREARMS INDUSTRY magazine in 1980, having graduated from Journalism School at Northern Illinois University. Prior to that he served a tour of duty in Southeast Asia with the United States Army. As Associate Editor of AMERICAN FIREARMS INDUSTRY, Bob broke the story on the first all plastic pistol technology, still in development. As Editor of FFL NEWS in 1985, he published the first story in the United States on the then unknown Glock pistol. Throughout the 1980s, he also edited NFA JOURNAL, a firearms publication targeted to law enforcement and Title 2 firearms dealers. In his current position, Lesmeister has written extensively on the rights of citizens to own and use firearms for both self-defense and recreation. He has written a number of series detailing the abuse of honest gun owners and firearms retailers at the hands of anti-gun legislators and overzealous police.Lesmeister has articulated many of these same opinions in such publications as THE NEW YORK TIMES, BOSTON GLOBE, GUN WEEK, GUN NEWS DIGEST and Associated Press reports. He wrote an editorial explaining the right of honest citizens to own and use firearms for the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES which Patrick J. Hurley used later in his college textbook, A CONCISE INTRODUCTION TO LOGIC. As a proponent for the right of women to own and use firearms, Bob has defended the female firearms market by providing industry data unavailable elsewhere. He has articulated these views in such publications as FAMILY CIRCLE magazine and REDBOOK.

Kenneth Mick Grise

Kenneth “Mick” Grise of Scottsdale, Arizona is the designated recipient of the CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender of the Month Award for March.

Mick is Vice President of Papago Concealment Systems of Scottsdale and also Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Papago Investigations and Consultants of Arizona.

In nominating Grise for the Award, John Michael Snyder, CCRKBA Public Affairs Director, said “a number of recent developments have shown that people across the country need and want to be able to carry concealed firearms for their own personal safety and protection.

“One indication of this fact is the popularity of state laws allowing the carrying of concealed weapons with a state-issued permit. As a number of sponsors of these laws have indicated, one of their reasons for promoting these laws is that they serve to enhance the public safety by enabling law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, their loved ones and their property from the perpetrators of criminal acts, especially violent criminal acts.

“Another indication of the growing popularity of the concealed carry concept is the development of business enterprises which exist, basically, because of the popularity of the carrying of concealed firearms by law-abiding citizens.

“One of these business enterprises is Grise’s company, Papago Concealment Systems, which produces the Anytimer.

“The Anytimer is a $100.00 holster which looks like an executive-organizer notebook, but inside is a foam-padded compartment tailored to look like a handgun.

“In discussing the product, Grise says one reason for its development is that people who have executive or other office jobs want to be able to go to work while carrying a concealed firearm and still feel that they are attired properly for their occupational responsibilities.

“Mick Grise is contributing to the maintenance of the right to keep and bear arms by helping to make it possible for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms. It is for this reason that I think he is worthy of this Award.”

Mick is an investigator with expertise in military advisement, undercover and covert operations, and general protection and security. He oversees the development of distributorships across the country for the Anytimer new product line, and evaluates marketing methods and Papago’s present product line at industrial shows.

He is a former Marine, having been wounded in action in Vietnam, and is a Purple Heart recipient.

Mick is a Life Member of both the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Disabled American Veterans.

Mick told POINT BLANK that he and his partners in Papago, Dan Tschudy and Roger Otterstein, have extensive law enforcement, military and corporate backgrounds. He said the three recognized a need among professionals and fulfilled it with their creation of the Anytimer. It allows the professional to carry his or her gun in an inconspicuous manner rather than the conspicuous method of wearing a fanny pack around one’s waist.

The appointment book cases are of reinforced leather that unzip to reveal a black, sculpted foam insert which securely holds the firearm in place while providing easy accessibility. The inserts are “interchangeable” by means of a velcro system; allowing the use of inserts for multiple gun styles – with just one leather case.

The interior of the case contains a recessed area to hold an additional magazine(s) or speedloader(s). Inside the front cover are slots for managing business cards, and an acetate view window for credentials or concealed weapons permit.

The Anytimer measures 6-3/4 inches wide by 9-1/2 inches long by two inches thick. Mick says this size allows a business person to carry his or her firearm in a professional and inconspicuous manner.

Mick says also that the Anytimer design makes it more acceptable to the doctor, lawyer, real estate representative and professional who dresses in a manner where wearing a fanny pack might attract unnecessary attention, as opposed to carrying a stylish appointment book.

Mick and the Anytimer have attracted a lot of attention in Arizona. Last fall, the ARIZONA REPUBLIC featured a photograph of him holding the product along with an article on “Armed and fashion-conscious: Arizonans with concealed weapons – Packin’ heat in style is part of the New West.”

According to the article, written by Beth Silver of the Associated Press, “many men and women prefer to go armed and anonymous, and they’re finding ways to pack a piece in style.”

Readers of POINT BLANK who would like to contact Mick Grise may write him at Papago Concealment Systems, Inc., 8708 North 68th Street, Suite 2, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257, or call him at (602) 423-9345.

Leroy Pittman

When Commissioner Leroy Pittman cast the lone pro-gun vote following a debate on the issue by the Union County, North Carolina Board of Commissioners, John Michael Snyder, CCRKBA Public Affairs Director, decided to nominate him for the CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender of Month Award for February.

“Hats off to Commissioner Leroy Pittman for standing up for the individual right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms,” said Snyder. “We applaud his announced determination to resist attempts to undermine a new state law permitting law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms.”

As reported last month in POINT BLANK, the Union County Board of Commissioners passed its ordinance banning the carrying of concealed weapons on county property.

In a four-to-one vote in early December, 1995, with Pittman the only one voting against the ordinance, the board passed a measure which bans concealed weapons at the library, Department of Social Services, and the old post office.

Snyder said that “decent people need to be able to defend themselves, their loved ones and their property against the violent criminal elements in our society. This is a real deterrent to criminal behavior, and Pittman deserves the CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender of the Month Award for standing up for this principle.”

Pittman said “I’dont see that it’s necessary that we have this ordinance. I can’t support this ordinance once again. I think there has been some knee-jerk reaction to this. I don’t see what this is going to do.”

Pittman has opposed the ordinance since it was initiated by Commissioner Paul Standridge in November of last year.

Union County is one of the last local governing bodies in the State to pass an ordinance banning concealed weapons. Marshville, Monroe, Waxhaw, Indian Trail and Stallings already have ordinances in place. Wingate voted recently to study the ordinances of other towns, and to take up the matter again later.

On December 1, 1995, North Carolina became the 24th State to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons.

“Every State has had a decrease in crime when they passed this law,” Pittman said. “Someone is less likely to attack you in a dark parking lot if they don’t know if you are carrying a gun or not.”

Pittman, a candidate for the United States House of Representatives from North Carolina’s Eighth Congressional

District, told POINT BLANK that “there has never been a time of greater need to defend the Second Amendment than right now. With Bill Clinton in the White House, the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from the thugs who roam our streets has been placed in imminent danger.”

Born May 2, 1943 in Greenville, North Carolina, Pittman is Past Chairman of the Union County Board of Commissioners, Chairman of the Union County Fire Commission, Past Chairman of the Unfunded Mandates Committee of the Carolinas Counties Coalition, Director of the Carolinas Partnership, a Member of the North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee, and a Member of the Heritage Foundation.

He is President and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Micrographics Support, Inc. of Monroe, North Carolina, a Director of the Carolinas Regional Hospital, and holds memberships in the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Eastman Kodak Advisory Council Board, and the Vietman Veterans Association. Pittman received a B.S. from the University of Maryland, and studied at the Graduate School of Banking of the University of South Carolina, and Bank Operations Management at the University of Wisconsin. Married to the former Patricia Anne Dollar, the couple have five children.

Pittman told POINT BLANK “I have always been an unwavering supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. I will never bend to the liberal anti-gun special interests who help criminals by taking away guns of law-abiding citizens.

“As a Congressman, I will vote to repeal the notorious assault weapons ban, the Brady Bill, and all other federal laws which clearly violate the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

“The liberals continue to trample on the Second Amendment and the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

“It’s just another attempt by the liberals to try and rewrite the Constitution.”